Club Information

VMUG is a group of individuals with very diverse backgrounds, who are retired and living in Hot Springs Village, AR. The common thread that brings and holds the group together is that we have all learned that computing using a Mac or other Apple product is a fun experience.


As more and more people seem to be switching to Macs and using an iPhone, iPod, iPodTouch, or one of the iPads, our membership has grown substantially. We now have more than 80 members, and our attendance at our meetings usually ranges from 30 to 45 members and guests.


Our goals are rather simple: To learn how to make good use of our Macs and have fun doing so. We try very hard to make our meetings of interest and a learning experience. We don’t have any techy “gurus” but we do have some bright people who are always willing to help and assist any of our fellow members, regardless of their current computer skill level.


Our Members are encouraged to attend all Meetings and Workshops of interest and to bring a guest.

Club Officers

President -Renee Steinpreis -

Vice President - Jack Rueter  -

Past President - John Froning -

Secretary - Sheila King           

Treasurer's - Art Oden           

Membership - Carolyn Minson -

                        - Susie Banks -

Publicity Co-Chair - Joyce Evans - j16

Publicity Co-Chair - Judy Bowers -

Apple Ambassador - Bill Toney -


Time:  3rd Tuesday  6 o'clock PM

Where:  Coronado Center, Hot Springs Village, AR   Room 6

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